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Scoot & Unearthing the Urban Fox

Purchase The essential self-help guide to humane fox deterrence techniques, by Trevor Williams and John Bryant, and get the best selling fox repellent in the market 'Scoot' for a discounted rate. 


This book seeks to help those who suffer at the hands (or paws) of the urban and suburban fox. Whilst it provides practical advice on deterring foxes, it also fascinates with explanations for the animals' behaviour, the information being as important as the deterrence method itself if one is to know, and to get the better of the "enemy".


Widely acclaimed as the most effective fox repellent on the market Scoot is a patented non toxic formula used to keep foxes away from protected areas. It works by mimicking scent marking odours thus leading any foxes that may be present to vacate the area in the belief that another animal has taken over its territory. Scoot is totally safe for use in gardens, on plants and edible crops and is humane, bio-degradable and very effective.

Scoot & Unearthing the Urban Fox

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  • "I firmly believe that for conservation to have any sort of sustainable future we have to suppress our worthiness and realise that we have to put people first, and this means accepting that for some, foxes are just not gorgeous pin-ups. That's why this book is such a triumph. It is an honest, accurate, well-researched and practical guide to living with foxes from both points of view."

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