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  • How can you guarantee the products you sell are humane?
    We work closely with The Fox Project to guarantee the safety of the fox when using repellents and deterrents. Our associated company Foxolutions is mentioned many times in their articles on humane fox repellents.
  • Scoot does not seem to be working?
    We like to imagine Scoot as a course of antibiotics... you have to take the full course. Scoot relies on the chemical reaction that occurs when a fox scent marks in the same area. The chemical reaction makes the resident fox think another fox has moved into his area so there might be a "scent war" for the first few days... Scoot will win if you reapply once a week for 3-4 weeks. The fox thinks that another fox is moving into his territory and he moves out.
  • FoxWatch is not working?
    This product relies on learned aversion. We recommend reading through the leaflet that comes with the FoxWatch. This learned aversion can take up to 3 months. The noise will irritate the fox but the fox is going to try to square up the device to see if he can get rid of it. If the light is not working when the product is plugged in/turned on, then it is most likely damaged and will not function correctly.
  • Foxes have a den in my garden...
    Spray Scoot around the area of the den. Sprinkle Get Off My Garden in the entrance (foxes really hate the citronella smell). If possible turn over the soil by the entrance of the den daily. Put holly branches in the entrance to make it uncomfortable for the fox to squeeze through. Using multiple methods of deterrence is the most effective way to humanely control fox behaviour.
  • Fox is eating through my car cables...
    The only thing really suitable for this problem are Wash and Get Off and Get Off My Garden. Both products have been developed to deter dogs and cats and because foxes are canines they seem to dislike them too. Apply this product on the ground below the parked vehicle. These products are also useful if the fox is digging in a specific area, such as flowerbeds. Foxy Fact: Foxes like rubber and some of them actually become addicted to the ethanol they get from chewing the cables!
  • Foxes keep going for my chickens/rabbits...
    Scoot won’t really work in this situation because chickens and rabbits are “prey”. They change the game because if the fox can smell or hear the animal he will be focused on going to it. If the coop/run is against a house then it might be possible to protect the area with a Jet Sprayer which needs to be connected to an outside water tap. The best solution is using a poultry net kit which is available in 25m or 50m standard sizes. This connects to a plug and provides a shock when the fox touches it. Chickens won’t be bothered by this because their feathers insulate them against it. Rabbits might touch their noses against it, but they won’t do it twice! Use the contact page to get in touch. Nite Guard Solar is another product which can be used if there is a long approach to where the animals are kept. It is a solar powered LED unit that needs to be put at the height of a fox, which mimics the eye shine of a predator and works best from a distance.
  • Fox is digging up the lawn...
    The fox will be looking for insect larvae, worms and at certain times of the year, grubs. He also likes the smell of new turf because many fertilizers used at the time of laying turf contain blood and bone-based elements which attract flies! When you are putting down new turf the best option is to use a Jet Sprayer as Scoot will take time to work and that is sometimes not an option if the fox is destroying the lawn.
  • Foxes are under the decking/house through a broken vent etc...
    The best option for this is using a one way gate which will stop foxes entering the den once they have left. However, there is a certain time of the year when this is not an option - when the cubs have just been born. They would be unable to get out by themselves which would result in them all dying, including mum, so we are very careful about this. We create bespoke gates to fit the entrance of the den, all we need is a photo of the entrance and dimensions. The gate costs £50 plus delivery charges, once order is placed online, please send an email to with the dimensions and imagery. Once the gate has been fitted, spread flour, sand or loose soil around the entrance. This will allow you to see whether any foxes are entering/leaving. When there is no sign of movement, wait for 24 hours before filling in the hole. Click here to order.
  • Fox is entering my garden over a fence...
    Prickle strips are the best option if the only entrance is over a fence. We consider a fence should be a minimum of 5 or 6 feet for prickle strips to work as the fox needs to be jumping up enough so he will feel the prickle strip. If the wall or fence is low the fox will simply tiptoe around the strips.
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