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Prickle Strip

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One of the best ways to keep foxes out of your garden is to prevent them getting in in the first place. Prickle strips are designed to give maximum discomfort with minimum harm.


Made from weather resistant polypropylene, Prickle strip is easily attached to the top of a fence or brick wall with glue, nails or screws (see instructions below). Can also be used on tree branches or sheds. Easy to cut and drill more holes if required.


Supplied in strips 45cm (1ft 5.7 inches) long by 4.5cm wide (1 3/4 inches wide). The strips are hinged to allow a better fit to curved surfaces. Put two strips side-by-side to get more width. Or cut down length ways for more narrow fence-tops and get up to 2.7m (8ft 10 inches) per pack.


Also a very effective cat and human intruder deterrent, seen on BBC's 'Beat the burgler'.


Prickle Strip

90 Centimeters
  • Many glues and adhesives will not adhere to polypropylene - use Pink Grip Adhesive or screws / nails.