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Widely acclaimed as the most effective fox repellent on the market Scoot is a patented non toxic formula used to keep foxes away from protected areas. It works by mimicking scent marking odours thus leading any foxes that may be present to vacate the area in the belief that another animal has taken over its territory. Scoot is totally safe for use in gardens, on plants and edible crops and is humane, bio-degradable and very effective.


Scoot - 100g


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  • Measure the perimeter of your garden or area that you wish to protect. We recommend that you carry out a 2 metre wide perimeter barrier spray. The more ground treated surrounding the area to be protected, the more effective the results will be. Scoot has a residual effect lasting up to a month. Re-apply after heavy rain as the period of protection may be reduced but after light rain the repellent effect usually returns once the treated areas have dried out.

    Scoot may be applied in a watering can but ideally we recommend the use of a pressure sprayer as it more accurately mimics the scent marking characteristics of the animal and is far easier to apply evenly over large areas. It is always advisable to wear a mask and safety glasses when spraying chemicals (See Protective Equipment).


    It is important to know that Scoot is a "re-active" spray. That is to say that it's repellent properties are dependent upon a chemical reaction taking place between the product and the Foxes own scent. Foxes will typically scent in the same places as they "do their rounds" marking their territory and leaving a chemical message to deter other foxes. Observation of their behaviour can be very useful in this regard as it guarantees that the Scoot will come into contact with the fox scent if applied over these specific areas. In the absence of observed scenting behaviour perimeters are a good starting point and anywhere fox scent can be smelled. Also any areas of "scorching" on lawns which will identify areas where marking is a factor and where persistant fouling is noted.


    When Scoot is applied and interracts with the fox's chemical markers it disguises the fox's own scent and uses it as a weapon against the fox. The resident fox will perceive the scent to be that of an intruder. It is very important to note that when first applied the initial reaction will often be increased scent marking activity by the resident foxes for a period of usually 3 or 4 days. This phenomena is called a "Scent War." The fox is trying to overscent the threat and re-establish it's territory. This behaviour is a good sign as it indicates the foxes have become unsettled by the process. After the second application this activity will decrease as the foxes realise that despite their best efforts to compete with the scent the intruder's scent is stronger than their own. This signifies a threat to their territory. Typically after 3 or 4 applications the foxes will leave the area.

    The optimum schedule would be the initial spray followed by a second spray a week later and then one or two more at fortnightly intervals. Supplied in powder form 100g makes up to 18 litres with a coverage of approx. 35 Square metres.

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