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Cubs are cute, until they destroy your garden... 

Garden Shed


Shoo that pesky fox along!
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Safe for use in gardens, on plants and edible crops and is humane, bio-degradable and extremely effective.

Solutions For




Sports Clubs

Golf Courses

Football Grounds

Construction Sites

Red fox in garden shed

 Got the idea,   but none of the gear? 

Hunting Dog

Risk of Disease

Whilst it is responsible to draw your attention to the potential hazards associated by living in close proximity to the red fox it is also important to keep the level of threat in perspective. 

Foxes can carry a range of parasites and diseases relevant to the health of domestic pets and people.

As members of the canine family foxes are known to harbour numerous contagious diseases which can affect the health of pet dogs.

Brands you can trust... no sly fox here!

Scoot Fox Repellent
Get Off fox repellent
Nite Guard Solar Fox repellent
fox watch fox detterent
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