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Valentine's Day for the fox too!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

With lockdown depressing the nation, keeping us inside and testing our mental boundaries, Valentine's Day has been looked forward to by many. The fox is no different! Well...

Mrs Fox (vixen) is behaving in a different manner this Valentines Day, she has had quite enough of the abrupt encounters from Mr Fox (dog).

If mating season was a successful one, vixens will now be shrugging off their counter halves and becoming quite secretive in their nature.

They are on the hunt for potential den sites.

You might still hear some unearthly screams in the night as mating season isn't over yet. The fox mating season is from January to March, so even now the dogs are on the hunt for the vixens.

Find out about the yearly Fox-antics here or visit us again in March for more Foxy news!

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