One-Way Door

Occasionally foxes gain access to awkward, hard to reach, areas such as under houses (usually through broken air-bricks) or under portable cabins.


The solution in such cases is to manufacture a one-way door, which will allow foxes to emerge, but not let them back in. It is a box construction with a perspex gate hinged at the top. It works like a one-way cat flap.


The Fox Shop can manufacture a bespoke door for you. We will require dimensions and photographs of the den entrance which may be mailed to We deliver the door to you already asembled for easy fitting.


When using a one-way door at any time, a thin layer of sand should be spread inside the entrance and checked daily for footprints of any foxes still under the building. Once a few days have gone by with no disturbance of the sand it will be safe to permanently seal the entrance.


One-Way Door

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  • On no account should this method be employed until cubs have grown old enough to have been observed using the entrance (This will usually occur at the end of April to early May time). Otherwise a vixen might be excluded and prevented from getting back to her cubs. The cubs may not be experienced enough to find their way through the one-way door and may perish.